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Rapierstar screws are manufactured to our drawings by long-standing, internationally acknowledged partners in the Far East. Screws are tested at the point of manufacture and sorted to check for dimensional accuracy. During this process, the swarf is removed, which means that the finished boxes contain no foreign bodies, significantly reducing the risk of blockages where auto-feed machines are used. Screws are then further tested in our Technical Centre here in the UK.

Fasteners comply with EU Harmonised Technical Test Directives & CE Marking.

Salt Spray Tested

Rapierstar screws are tested “In-House” in accordance with BS EN ISO 9227:2012 and corrosion resistance exceeds grade 4 and 5 according to EN 1670:2007. Every batch of Rapierstar carbon steel screws are routinely tested to beyond 300 hours, far exceeding the requirements of BS EN 1670:2007. You can be assured of the excelled corrosion resistance of our screws.

What is Salt Spray Testing and why do we use it?



The ductility of every batch of Rapierstar screws are tested using calibrated test blocks conforming to acknowledged standards. Screws are only approved if no breakages occur and there is no sign of cracking.

Depth of Plating

In order to ensure that corrosion resistance consistently meets and exceeds Rapierstar's own high standards, it is vitally important that the depth of plating is sufficient. Every batch of Rapierstar screws are tested using internationally accepted plating depth test equipment.

Dimensions Checked

All dimensions are checked on every batch of Rapierstar screws, including the depth of recess, which is measured using finely calibrated dial indicator gauges. The correct depth of recess means that the screwdriver bit fits perfectly, ensuring safety for your fabricator.


Each batch of Rapierstar screws is tested for 'wobble' using a certified plug gauge. The international recommendation is for the test to allow 12° of movement. Rapierstar specify, and only accept 6° of movement, making insertion and fabrication easier and safer.

Torque Tested

Every batch of Rapierstar screws is tested to ensure that optimal torsional strength and design specifications are met and exceeded. Every batch is also tested to detect those that might fail after 24/28 hours of installation due to 'Hydrogen Embrittlement'. These tests ensure that you can have total confidence that our screws will not fail.

Speed of Insertion

Using custom designed and built equipment, every batch of Rapierstar screws is tested to ensure that the speed of insertion meets Rapierstar's own high specification, resulting in faster, more cost effective production for you, the customer.

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